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Hagitours - your personal travel agent !

My name is Hagit Hamburger Weltsch.  I am 56 years old, married to Ronnie and mother to three grown-up children, grandmother to Shahar. I live in Eilat, Israel.

I have travelled many times on my own or with my family and friends to different destinations in Europe and the USA. Each journey had different needs and a unique significance – all gave me the opportunity to create a special experience.

I think that a vacation should give expression to the uniqueness of each family member and to the family dynamics. It may incorporate traveling by car, a cruise, sailing on a yacht, visiting cities and parks or skiing,  the possibilities are endless….

In recent years, I have advised many friends and families, helping them plan their own journeys and tours.  My expertise includes planning winter journeys to ski resorts and other attractions as well as SPA vacations, and planning routes for car-trips all over Europe.

Since I established my travel agency "Hagitours" and during the last 3 years I have sent abroad on vacation over 400 customers, some of them already are serviced twice and more.

I have a global system which is updated every few minutes, and includes a huge inventory of flights, hotels, vacation , packages, car rentals, cruise and yacht cruises and a lot more. In addition, I have direct agreements with overseas suppliers & hotels, and I can provide everything necessary to give you the most efficient services, the fastest and the best.


I belive that a successful trip depends on proper and thorough planning, taking into account the needs and preferences of all those going on the trip together.

Allow me to plan your next trip. My goal is to utilize the information and contacts I've acquired over the years, enabling you to enjoy my experience, including my ability to find information on-line.

Your dream trip will be designed strictly according to your requirements and representing your best interests. In addition

I can reserve your flights, rented car, hotels/accommodation and other services.


For tourists who are interested in a vacation trip to Israel, I would be happy to plan all aspects of your holiday in the Holy land.


I warmly invite you to be my next satisfied customer…

Please call me +972-544292745.


As someone who believes that every client is a whole diffrent world, I invite you to leave your details and i will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions and to plan together, step by step, according your wishes 

call me for your next vacation ...



Hagit Hamburger Weltsch


Har Saad 1,
Eilat, Israel 8827278


Phone number -  +972 (0)54-4292745

Skype – chagit58

For questions and reservations, contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible

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